Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What is DEFRA's view on cow matting?

A. The UK Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA) is responsible for policy and regulations on the environment, food and rural affairs. DEFRA issues guidelines to dairy farmers and producers on cubicle comfort, milking parlour hygiene and maintaining the cleanliness of walkways. Their guide on 'Dairy Farming and Schemes' advises that mats should be used in cubicles with absorbent bedding material, parlour floors should be water resistant and free draining, and all walkways (including passageways, fields, tracks and gateways) are kept clean to prevent contamination. ('Dairy Farming and Schemes', DEFRA).

Q. How does cow matting improve standards of farm animal health and welfare?

A. According to Northern Ireland's Department of Agriculture, Environment and Rural Affairs (DAERA) there is a direct link: 'An uncomfortable cubicle means, a higher refusal rate, cows lie down for less time, they are dirtier and more prone to mastitis, ruminate less often and are more likely to suffer injury or lameness – often resulting in earlier culling.' ('Buildings and equipment for dairy farming', DAERA).

Q. Will my cows lie down for longer?
A. DAERA have carried out various trials to check the effectiveness of cow mats. The trials showed that 'the lying time increases in general with the softness of the bed.' ('Buildings and equipment for dairy farming', DAERA).
Q. Do you sell cow mattress systems?

A. No, but we sell FARMAT Supersoft Cow Mats which are a comfortable and convenient alternative.

Q. Do you offer a warranty?

A. Yes, all FARMATs come with a 12-month warranty.