Silage and Field mesh mats

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Made from hardwearing, non-slip vulcanised rubber

FARMAT Black Mat/Silage Mat

These multi-purpose mats can be used to help keep all your walkways clean to prevent contamination – from collecting yards and passageways, to fields, tracks and gateways.

The anti-slip ‘hammertop’ pattern can reduce the risk (and the cow's fear) of slipping. The free draining underside can help to prevent contamination.

Measuring 17mm thick and weighing 45kg each these heavyweight solid rubber mats perform well in silage clamps to keep silage in place and protect it from birds, rodents and other pests.

Depth: 17mm

Size: 6' x 4' (183cm x 122cm)

Material: 100% solid rubber

Texture (top): 'Hammertop' anti-slip pattern

Texture (underside): Full length drainage channels

Edges: Straight

Weight: 45kg

Colour: Black

silage mats
Black Mat


These soft but hard-wearing perforated mats have multiple uses on the farm – grass reinforcement, ground protection and land drainage around gateways.

They are flexible enough to easily adapt to ground contours on uneven surfaces, allowing the grass to grow through to stabilise the ground.

Ideal to prevent farmers slipping in muddy areas and as an outdoor mat to reduce the amount of mud walked into buildings.


Depth: 22mm

Size: 4'11" x 3'3" (150cm x 100cm)

Material: 100% solid rubber (soft)

Texture: Perforated

Edges: Straight

Weight: 19kg

Colour: Black

Mesh mat
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