Cow Cubicle Matting

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Textured and raised design delivers a soft anti-slip surface

Provide a soft, warm and comfortable resting area - with FARMAT Supersoft Cow Mats.


Farmat Supersoft cow mats are 28mm thick and constructed to provide leading therapeutic comfort and support for cows- essential for cow stalls & cubicles. The engineered closed cell air structure, creates unequalled comfort and protection for the animal.


Maximum Yield:

The Supersoft mats provide your cows with quality rest time and comfort that is important to maximise milk yield. 


Cow wellbeing:

The perfect formulation to give supreme comfort, while also easing arthritic or inflamed joints, the mats are non-abrasive to aid the animals comfort.


Clever, Durable, Comfortable:

Farmat’s durability comes from the unique mix of rubber and EVA, the longevity and strength of rubber, the comfort and lightness of EVA. The very best of both worlds.


Anti-Slip Surfaces:

Textured and raised design on the mat surface provides the animal with a perfect foothold during lying down and standing up, increasing lying comfort while reducing possible injuries, sores, slips and animal stress.



The mat helps to maintain optimal body temperature insulating the animal from any dramatic change in temperature.



Due to its non-porous closed air cell construction, Farmats are non-absorbent and easy to wash, clean and disinfect, preventing and reducing any possible bacteria growth.


Practical, great value:

Interlocking, yet with water tight joins, so you can create a continuous run as you would a mattress system, yet single mats are replaceable should they become damaged. No bodged repairs, or expensive mattress replacements.

Depth: 28mm

Sizes: 5'11" x 4' (180cm x 122cm)

Material: Rubber and EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate)

Texture (top): Anti-slip pattern

Texture (underside): Raised free-draining channels

Edges: Interlocking (on longest sides)

Weight: 21kg

Colour: Green

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