Cow Cubicle Matting

Provide a soft, warm and comfortable resting area - with FARMAT Supersoft Cow Mats.

A soft, warm, comfortable floor can help your cows get up and down in comfort - and lie down for longer.

The cushioning they provide will reduce pressure points and encourage the cow to lie down for longer.

Animals that feel well perform well - and healthy cows produce more milk.

FARMAT Supersoft Cow Mat

A comfortable and convenient alternative to the mattress system. They interlock to create a continuous run of mats with an almost invisible join.

They’re quick and easy to lay – fit them in between your morning and evening milking.

Individual mats can be replaced or added, making long term maintenance simple and cost effective.

The mats are made from a durable but soft compound of rubber and ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA). This material is non-porous which makes them easy to clean for improved standards of hygiene for a healthy herd.


Depth: 28mm

Sizes: 5'11" x 4' (180cm x 122cm)

Material: Rubber and EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate)

Texture (top): Anti-slip pattern

Texture (underside): Raised free-draining channels

Edges: Interlocking (on longest sides)

Weight: 21kg

Colour: Green

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