Case Study

Mattress system replaced with FARMAT Supersoft Cow Mats

This customer was experiencing problems with their mattress system, some of the top covers failed and some fixings were inappropriate. Over time, parts of the mattress system soon deteriorated.

We advised them to install FARMAT Supersoft Cow Mats, our green interlocking cubical mats, instead. They can be installed in about a quarter of the time it takes to install the most basic mattress system, and they will outperform most mattress systems in terms of durability.

FARMAT Supersoft Cow Mats are a comfortable and convenient alternative to the mattress system. They interlock to create a continuous run of mats with an almost invisible join.

Individual mats can easily be replaced or added, making long term maintenance simple and cost effective.

Old Cow Mattress system

Old mattress system

Farmat supersoft cowmats

Now with FARMAT Supersoft Cow Mats