A very technical and practical mat, here’s why:

Problem : Pure EVA mats provide comfort but lack durability, therefore are more prone to damage and need replacing more frequently.

Solution : The Farmat Supersoft mats are unique. They have a special formulation that uses EVA for comfort and Rubber for durability, strength and longevity


Problem : Mattress systems create issues and added expense when damaged.

Solution : The high tolerance and quality production techniques used mean these mats join together and create a watertight join but, if a single mat gets damaged, it is a low cost and easy replacement and not an expensive mattress system replacement or a bodged repair!


  • FARMAT have been in the business for over 30 years, and sell to farmers across the UK and Ireland.

  • Our cow matting is comfortable to walk, stand and lie down on. It's more hygienic and its anti-slip surface means it's safer too.

  • A comfortable cow is more productive, Farmat Supersoft mats are the comfiest available, making them the premier cow mat.

  • Logical, practical and cost effective, its the only answer to cow cubical matting.


Farmat Supersoft.